Hidden Features - Audi A3 8V (2013 - 2020)

On this page you will find a list of hidden features on / off features / coding options / adaptations for the Audi A3 produced with body code 8V from 2013 to 2020. Virtual cockpit, central electronics, headlight and lighting settings, multimedia system, etc.
Manufacturer: AUDI



  1. Gauge Test - Needle Sweep (Does not open on VCI)
  2. Refuel Quantity in Dashboard
  3. Making the top speed 300 KM/H in vehicles with VCI.
  4. Changing the theme on vehicles with VCI
  5. Addition of the optical parking sensor to the multimedia system
  6. “Laptimer” on the trip computer
  7. "Oil Temperature" on the trip computer
  8. On/off daytime running lights via MMI
  9. Remove the seat belt warning
  10. Making the dashboard boot logo “S3”
  11. Multimedia system boot logo change (S3 Quattro, RS 3)
  12. Seeing instantaneous speed and given signal direction via multimedia with “Driving School” feature.
  13. "Video Watching While Driving" in vehicles equipped with MMI Navigation Plus multimedia system (Additional charge +250₺)

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  1. us style sidemarker lights
  2. Sequential burning of rear signal bars in vehicles with Led Rear Stop before make-up (Semi-sliding signal – does not pass inspection)
  3. Setting the rear signals as American park (Does not pass inspection)
  4. Accompanying you in the fog when the selector is thrown
  5. When the signal is given, the front daytime running lights flash like a turn signal lamp (It does not pass the inspection)
  6. Setting fog lights as cornering lights (Turn-sensitive fog light)
  7. Turning off daytime running lights when flashing
  8. Headlights flashing when the headlights are off when the headlights flash.
  9. In vehicles with Bi-Xenon headlights, cornering light accompanies the headlight
  10. Increasing the brightness of the LED daytime running lights
  11. Dimming the daytime leds when signaling
  12. When the signal is given, the rear parking lights also flash on the signal (Does not pass inspection - if desired, the oranges can be canceled and a full Corvette style rear signal can be made)
  13. Daytime running lights go off when you apply the parking brake
  14. Turning on all of the taillights as brake lights when you apply the brakes (It turns on in halogen taillights – in the original, only the outer side lights up)
  15. Featuring Coming Home and Leaving Home; Adding the lighting you want such as fog light, 3rd stop light, cornering light, rear fog light
  16. Turning on Coming-Home and Leaving Home on vehicles without headlight sensors
  17. Increasing the number of touch comfort signals from 3 to 4 or 5
  18. When braking suddenly, the brake lights flash and the quads turn on.
  19. Introducing the LED license plate lamp to the vehicle (Led headlight or LED rear stop promotion is subject to an additional fee. Get a price)
  20. Rear parking lamps come on during the daytime when the headlight control is in the "0" or "Auto" position
  21. Activation of rain light (headlights that come on automatically when it rains) and highway headlights (headlights that come on automatically above 140 km/h)
  22. Increasing the brightness of the foot lighting


  1. Door lock confirmation sound with horn
  2. Anti-theft Alarm coding
  3. Automatic closing of windows and sunroof if it rains after parking the vehicle (opens if the rain sensor is RLHS)
  4. Right mirror lowering in reverse gear
  5. Rear wiper operation in reverse gear
  6. Full opening and closing of the sunroof from the remote (Normally only the back lifts)
  7. Locking the doors with the remote control while the vehicle is running on vehicles with the keyless drive system
  8. On vehicles with keyless start, the Start-Stop button lights flashing like a heartbeat
  9. Turning on the "Easy Entry" feature in vehicles with memory seats (Seats are pulled back when getting in and out of the vehicle)
  10. Turning on the tear wiper (Tear Wiping)
  11. Folding the folding mirrors by pressing and holding the remote control


  1. accelerator pedal response acceleration
  2. Steering stiffening (for vehicles without Audi Drive Select option)
  3. XDS Locked Differential retrofit
  4. Commissioning the TSC (Torque Compensation) system
  5. Hill start assist retrofit
  6. Start-Stop cancellation
  7. In vehicles with a driving mode selection, the mode change is also visible on the dial.


  1. Watching video while driving for vehicles with MMI Navigation Plus (+250₺)
  2. Battery introduction (+200₺)
  3. ODIS Online programming (+750₺)
  4. Correction of a coding error or malfunction (Example: Unreasonable operation of the headlights, "Lighting error" error on the display, etc. +500₺)
  5. Error: Service! Only leave the vehicle in the “P” position. Closing the warning with software without changing parts (400₺)

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