Hidden Features - Volkswagen Arteon

On this page you will find a list of hidden feature encoding / closed features / coding options / adaptations for the Volkswagen Arteon 3H. Virtual cockpit, central electronics, headlight and lighting settings, multimedia system, etc.
Manufacturer: VOLKSWAGEN



  1. Stagging
  2. Active info display 320 KM/H or 280 KM/H final speed coding
  3. Change Active info display theme (Extra animations)
  4. "Additional Fuel" feature in the trip computer (It shows the fuel you need to buy in liters on the trip computer)
  5. “Laptimer” on the trip computer
  6. On/off daytime running lights via information system
  7. Canceling the seat belt warning
  8. Carbon theme (GTI theme) for vehicles with mdf dashboard
  9. Change boot logo on vehicles with mdf dash (R, GTI, GTD)
  10. Multimedia system boot logo change (R Line, GTI, GTD)
  11. Seeing instant speed and given signal direction via multimedia with “Driving School” feature
  12. Increasing the number of ambient lighting colors to 30
  13. Adding an “Off-Road” menu to the multimedia system (applicable for 2016 and above)
  14. “Video Watching While Driving” in vehicles with Discover Pro Navigation multimedia system (Additional charge +150₺)

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  1. US Style sidemarker lights - ON/OFF
  2. Semi-sequential signal
  3. Rear turn signals always on
  4. Fog lights off when high beam on
  5. When the signal is given, the front daytime running lights flash like a turn signal lamp
  6. Setting fog lights as cornering lights
  7. Turning off the daytime running lights when the headlights are on
  8. Daytime running lights turn off when parking brake is applied
  9. Turning on Coming-Home and Leaving Home on vehicles without headlight sensors
  10. Increasing the number of touch comfort signals from 3 to 4 or 5
  11. Increasing the brightness of the footwell lighting


  1. Door lock confirmation sound with horn
  2. Anti theft alarm system activation
  3. Automatic closing of windows and sunroof if it rains after parking the vehicle (for Highline)
  4. Right mirror lowering in reverse gear
  5. Rear wiper operation in reverse gear
  6. Full opening and closing of the sunroof from the remote (Normally only the back lifts)
  7. The fan speed is also displayed when the air conditioner is operating in “Auto” mode.
  8. Locking the doors with the remote control while the vehicle is running on vehicles with the keyless drive system
  9. Turning on the "Easy Entry" feature in vehicles with memory seats (Seat is pulled back when getting in and out of the vehicle)
  10. Turning on the tear wiper (Tear Wiping)


  1. Accelerator pedal response acceleration
  2. ESC Sport and ESC Off (Normally only ASR is disabled)
  3. Steering hardening (for vehicles without drive mode selection)
  4. XDS Locked Differential boost
  5. Commissioning the TSC system
  6. Start-Stop cancellation
  7. In vehicles with a driving mode selection, the mode change is also visible on the dashboard.


  1. Discover Pro watching videos while cruising (+250₺)
  2. Battery introduction (+200₺)
  3. ODIS Online programming (+750₺)
  4. Correction of a coding error or malfunction (Example: Unreasonable operation of the headlights, “Lighting error” error on the display, etc. +500₺)
  5. Error: Workshop! Only leave vehicle in position P. Closing the warning with software without changing parts (400₺)
  6. Online activation of “Performance Monitor” in supporting units (+500₺ - you need to send version information)

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