Hidden Features - Audi A5 B8 (2007 - 2016)

On this page you will find a list of hidden features on / off features / coding options / adaptations for the Audi A5 produced in 2007 - 2016.
Manufacturer: AUDI


  • Gauge Test - Needle Sweep
  • Lap timer and oil temperature (both on the same menu)
  • Battery Level Display
  • Climate Overlay Display Time
  • Engine OFF when Door Open
  • Driving School Mode
  • Consumption Display Correction
  • Teardrop Wiping
  • Engine Start Message
  • Speed Warning
  • Footwell Lights while Driving
  • CH Lights Activation Type (Ignition or Driver Door)
  • CH/LH Menu Setting on MMI
  • ACC Distance Menu on MMI
  • Enable or disable the backlight/illumination of instrument cluster needles
  • Instrument Cluster Region Change
  • Parking Lights as DRL
  • Enable or disable comfort windows feature
  • Comfort Operation via Door Lock
  • Comfort Close via KESSY
  • Enable or disable sunroof opening and closing via long-press on the remote
  • Comfort Windows via Door Lock
  • Comfort Sunroof via Door Lock
  • Sunroof Action via Remote (Tilt or Slide)
  • Visual Confirmation for Comfort Operation
  • Selective Locking via KESSY
  • Turn Signals as Parking Lights (US Style Sidemarker lights)
  • DRL OFF with Parking Lights
  • High Beams as DRL
  • Fog Lights as DRL
  • CH/LH Lights via Low Beams/Fog Lights
  • Auto Folding Mirrors
  • Brake Pedal when releasing Parking Brake
  • Seat Belt when releasing Parking Brake
  • Emergency Braking Lights
  • Front DRL Pulse
  • DRL Menu in MMI
  • Fog Lights with High Beam
  • DRL Activation/Deactivation
  • MMI 3G/3GP Video In Motion
  • Scandinavian DRLs
  • Lock/Unlock confirmation (The vehicle must have an original alarm security system.)
  • MMI 3G/3GP Radio frequency (NAR-ECE-ASIA)
  • Mirror Dip
  • Euro parking lights
  • Start/Stop function memory
  • Seat-Belt Warning
  • Engineering menu 3G/3G+
  • Start stop button inverse
  • Optical Parking System
  • Cornering Lights via Fog Lights
  • AUX Input Activation
  • Tail lights NAR to EU


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